Zoom Picks Oracle as Cloud-Infrastructure Partner

Last month, Zoom Video achieved its first update in more than three years. The company, an internet-video platform provider, needed to replace its aging storage infrastructure and its pivot to a recurring revenue model necessitated speed and agility as customers used Zoom in more and more ways, from simplifying and automating the video capture process to leveraging the platform to support next-generation customer experiences.

An Oracle cloud-infrastructure service offered by a trusted incumbent provider was not an option, so Zoom launched its own performance-optimized private cloud that would provide the scale and agility required to support its rapid growth.

“Oracle is a great choice for Zoom, as they both have similar systems and resources in place to evolve our journey towards becoming the public cloud company Zoom Video had always wanted to be,” said Gookysu Wekey, Product Manager at Zoom. “In addition, their robust roadmap for cloud infrastructure means that no one else is able to outpace our growth as we move toward becoming an enterprise data center that supports our cloud services.”

Zoom hosted an integration event at its Utah headquarters to introduce Oracle and show customers what it had delivered. At the event, Kaplan, Slush Startup Academy, Girl Develop It and the Center for Technology in Education were given demos of how Zoom Video has leveraged Oracle to support its cloud-native business and transform the way enterprises globally collaborate with new partners, customers and partners in more ways than ever before. The event ended with a few customers explaining how Zoom Video’s solution allows them to free up real estate on their existing servers, with mixed results.

“After consulting with Oracle and Zoom, the transition to the new Oracle infrastructure architecture has been seamless and a great success,” said Seth King, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Deployment Manager. “When Zoom made the decision to go with Oracle, we knew they were moving their infrastructure from a standalone physical environment to the cloud, but we were also excited to support Zoom in launching a cloud environment of their own. Oracle continues to expand the number of customers that we support so we are consistently looking for new, innovative partners like Zoom Video, to help increase the adoption of the Oracle Cloud.”

In addition to demonstrating to Zoom customers how the Oracle cloud infrastructure made it easier to support customer needs, Oracle also highlighted the company’s vision and ultimate goal of making all enterprises and consumers available to streaming video as quickly as possible. It highlighted the legacy Zoom Video’s investment in IoT and cloud video security as well as the opportunity for revenue and growth through its decade-long deployment of the Switch and S-RVX video surveillance platforms.

“For more than a decade, Zoom Video has developed technologies that address the needs of video creators and their customers – everyone from folks capturing their grandparents’ birthday parties and private events to schools, industries and governments,” said Spencer Poppleton, EVP at Zoom Video. “Oracle has proven their commitment to high-performance in private cloud environments with their wide range of private-cloud solutions, so we’re confident that this partnership will only further Zoom Video’s mission of ‘At Zoom, Customers Always Win.’”

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