Zurich Insurance Gross Written Premiums Rose

Financial markets took a beating in the first quarter, however since March, we have seen a considerable stabilization with many of the indexes topping out, or near the top, of their ranges.

This stability is in line with data around the world: EMEA in particular has finished its longest bull run in history, and Japan is seeing earnings per share growth at a near 4% clip. According to JP Morgan’s Equity Research team, global equities are now higher than they have been since 2007.

It is clear, there is strength around the world – and Europe in particular.

As a result, we are looking to use this market stabilization to further our own growth. We continue to target revenue growth, and further efficiency gains, in the region of 2.5% in 2018.

Going forward, we have increased our focus on using data to achieve further cost savings and also continue to invest in digitalization.

Data analysis and insights continue to be our biggest growth driver: the drive to reduce our costs and improve our competitive positioning through smarter, more targeted offering is helping us deliver good results.

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